Press Release

Press Release

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Martin Cowen for Georgia Attorney General

Today, Martin Cowen announces his candidacy for Georgia Attorney General. Martin is a lifelong Libertarian, having attended the first Libertarian Party of Georgia State Convention in 1972.

Martin says: “I have been studying freedom for over 50 years. Freedom is the protection of private property rights by the rule of law.”

Martin’s interests include:

  1. Advocating an end to qualified immunity for government agents who kill or injure innocent civilians by accident or otherwise.
  2. Advocating an end to no-knock warrants.
  3. Advocating an end to civil asset forfeiture without trial and conviction, without due process.
  4. Advocating an end to the War on Drugs.
  5. Protecting Georgia medical doctors from persecution by pharmaceutical companies and their government agents for practicing medicine with informed patient consent consistent with their own well-earned professional judgment.
  6. Defending Georgia citizens from the imposition of vaccine mandates and passports.
  7. Ensuring that all adults have the right to make their own health care decisions free from government interference.

Martin is a member of the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia, a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a graduate of UGA Law School (1975), and an active member of the State Bar of Georgia for over 46 years. Martin is a former associate probate judge and a two-time (2018 and 2020) candidate for Congress in Georgia Congressional District 13.